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      Our new and improved ambassador program was designed for YOU!

      We want you to be proud to be a BFAW ambassador, so we re-created our program with you in mind! Designed to be fun, interactive, give you real marketing experience, and a chance to earn money for all your hard work, this is a program that you can easily put on your resume or turn into your side hustle.

      This new experience comes with new responsibilities, so make sure you're familiar with them below to stay on top of your ambassador game!

      - Must complete at least 1 task a month to remain in the program, after 3 months of not completing any tasks you will be removed as an ambassador 

      - Must have your Instagram set to public so we can share your awesome posts

      - Must submit photo proof of completed task to info@bornfromawave.com when applicable

      - Must provide current Paypal account info in ambassador account in order to receive payments for sales 

      - Submit any questions you have to dylan@bornfromawave.com, don't be shy there are no dumb questions!

       Ambassador Tasks

      P.S. this is where you'll find all of the available tasks for the month! Complete as many as you have time for in order to redeem fun rewards!

      • Share an insta post with your discount code 
      • Comment on 3 BFAW insta posts
      • Share 3 BFAW insta posts to your insta story
      • Post your sustainable lifestyle switches on your insta story and tag us
      • Write a product review on our website
      • Make a TikTok about BFAW or in your BFAW suit and send it to us
      • Create cute BFAW content in your fav suit  
      • Host a beach/ lake/ park cleanup*
      • Email us 3 new task ideas for next month that you'd be excited to do
      • Email us 3 new reward ideas that fit with our brand 
      *email info@bornfromawave.com for more info if interested


      • Complete 3 tasks for a new sustainable scrunchie 
      • Complete 5 tasks for a sustainable BFAW face mask and pouch
      • Complete 7 tasks for a reusable BFAW water bottle
      • Complete 9 tasks for a custom BFAW sustainable hoodie 
      • Complete ALL tasks for $50 BFAW credit 
      • *Complete all tasks for 3 months in a row for a free suit!*

      Other Ambassador Perks

      • 35% off discount site wide & an extra 15% off of all sales with code AMBASSADOR at  checkout

      • Custom 20% off discount code to share with friends & 15% commission whenever your code is used

      • Early access to all  new products

      • Secret Facebook group for BFAW Ambassadors only

      • Chance to participate in local photo shoots

      • Opportunity to help make decisions about future products & designs

      Don't forget to check your ambassador account for pending payouts, discount code, and status!