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      About Us

      We are so glad you are here!

      Let me introduce myself, my name is Dylan Patterson and I am the designer and founder of Born From A Wave. 

      I thought it was important to share a little bit of the background of the brand, what the brand means to me, and finally what I hope to accomplish with the brand! 

      So here we go! 

      First off the name, why Born From A Wave? 

      Well, born from a wave is what Dylan means in some obscure language (I promise, you can google it) and I always felt a connection to that phrase which led me to name my company that! 

      To me waves symbolize the ups and downs of life, new beginnings, and the power of mother nature. It’s my hope that Born From A Wave (BFAW) can be there in your life for the ups and downs, the new beginnings, and remind you of how amazing mother nature is and why we should protect her.

      Currently with my brand I only design high quality women’s swimwear that is made from recycled plastic that’s been reclaimed from the ocean and my swimwear is ethically made in Bali, Indonesia. 

      The retail industry is one of the most polluting industries so aside from it being personally important to me, I knew that in joining the retail industry I had to do my part and create a product that was low waste. 

      It was my hope with my collection to create diverse enough styles and cuts that everyone would be able to find something that they would feel comfortable and beautiful in. I designed everything with real women in mind, so that they would be able to find a swimsuit that would be perfect for their next adventure.

      It’s these real women that I feature on my social media, so always make sure to tag @bornfromawave so I can feature you too!

      It’s my goal to make Born From A Wave so much more than just a swimwear brand and I hope you join us along our journey because just like the oceans waves it's sure to have its ups and downs. 

      Besides creating swimwear that’s good for the planet and is ethically made I want Born From A Wave to become a place you turn to when looking for the best boho accessories, a resource on ways you can give back (big or small), and a safe place where we can celebrate our strong, healthy bodies and all the little things we have to be thankful for. 

      Thanks for reading and if you ever have any comments, suggestions, or just want to say hi feel free to reach out to me at Dylan@bornfromawave.com, I’d love to get to know you!

      Let's Be Friends!