Turtle Season Do’s and Don’ts

So you may have been able to guess it from the Born From A Wave instagram, but I love sea turtles. After watching Finding Nemo, I’m convinced that my spirit animal is a sea turtle. That’s why I wanted to share with you all some important info about turtle season!


First things first, turtle season in Florida is May - October. If you remember this list of do’s and don’ts during the season, we can keep our turtles safe!


  • Don’t leave anything, such as beach chairs, on the beach overnight because they could inhibit a turtle from nesting
  • Don’t leave lights on near or on the beach at night, they could confuse the hatchlings and cause them to crawl towards shore instead of the ocean
  • Don’t try to interrupt or move a turtle laying her eggs
  • Don’t try to catch any of the hatchlings 
  • Do pick up any trash you see on the beach 
  • Do fill in any holes on the beach so the hatchlings don’t get trapped while trying to crawl towards the ocean 






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