Inflight Skincare

Hey everyone Dylan here! If you’ve been following the BFAW insta stories then you know I just flew to Singapore. Since we’re based in Florida, that was a total of 22 hours of flying!


My skin is naturally a little on the dryer side so long flights used to be my worst enemy with keeping my skin nice and hydrated and not dry and peeling. But after trying out different products and routines over long flights, I think I found the trick to beating airplane dryness!


First I never wear any makeup the day that I fly, I just put on some moisturizer and some mascara (because I have blond eyelashes and I think no mascara makes me look extra tired) and off I go to the airport.


My list of must have products on the flight: Kopari Coconut Melt Wipes, Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask, Sunday Riley lip balm, Evian Facial Spray, and Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve face cream.


My inflight routine: first I wipe my face with the Kopari wipes so it’s nice and cleansed. Then once my face feels like its dried a little after the wipe I generously apply the Summer Fridays mask. Once the mask has been on for about 30 minutes I apply the Fresh face cream. Lastly, I spray the Evian facial spray on my face whenever it starts to feel a little dry after I’ve applied all the above product. I also apply the Sunday Riley lip balm whenever my lips start to feel dry.


It took us two flights to get to Singapore so I did the above routine twice!


Maybe this is obvious to all of you, but I learned I need to drink way more water than I thought on long plane rides. This helps me with headaches, stiffness, and keeping my skin hydrated!


Hopefully this helps for your next long trip!


As always let me know if you have any questions or wanna chat!


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